Nutberry metal bellow manufacturer’s single aim is to supply each of our international customers with a superior product that is competitively priced. Whilst metal bellows may be considered somewhat a generic item by many engineers today, this does not divert from the care and consideration that our metal bellow manufacturers put into our finished product.

In order to create a versatile and easily applicable metal bellow, we at Nutberry Ltd have perfected the bellow manufacturing process. We can supply any sized metal bellow internationally and each kind will benefit from our hardening process which the ultimate tensile strength of the material.

Nutberry Bellows are manufactured by the precision roll formed method, from stainless steel or high nickel alloy material.

This method of manufacturing was originally introduced in the USA and at that time the process was very labour and skill intensive and therefore expensive. However, with the introduction of CNC forming, this process has been considerably improved and thus reducing the cost of production of the bellows and maintaining the superior performance we can now offer.

Nutberry bellows are manufactured using CNC controlled forming machines.  The benefit of this manufacturing method is that it produces uniformed work hardening at both the root and crest of the convolutions, compared to traditional hydro-forming methods where metal can be thinned when forming the convolutions.

Material is taken in its sheet form, cut, rolled and welded along the seam to produce a tube.  All welds are checked for leaks and integrity by mass spectrometer testing.  The tube is then precision form rolled into convolutions with CNC rolling machines to required specifications.

Nutberry can manufacture up to six ply bellows with the material thickness ranging from 0.13mm to 0.75mm.  Bore sizes range from 16mm to 200mm.

Our Metal bellows products are manufactured and supplied to be used internationally across numerous industrial and mechanical systems. Their ability to compress, extend, bend and absorb axial and angular movement makes them ideal to be used in multiple ways. Examples include flexible ducting for air exhaust and intake applications for industries such as machine tool, medical, and transportation.



Superior manufacturing method unique to Nutberry.
Manufacturing process produces a superior, competitively priced bellow.
Improved uniformed work hardening process increasing ultimate tensile strength of material.
Any size bellows can be manufactured to your specific requirements.
Consistent geometry due to CNC controlled operations.
Quality commitment and guarantee offered by Nutberry.


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