Gas Springs

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Nutberry Ltd is a U.K. Manufacturer of Metal Bellows and High Temperature Gas Springs for the steel industry.


Nutberry Limited is a privately owned British Company founded in 1978.

Nutberry has led the way in the manufacture and international supply of high temperature gas springs for sliding gate mechanisms in steel plants throughout the world.  New types of Gas Springs are designed to suit a range of mechanisms currently being used.

As a leading gas spring manufacturer and supplier, we aim to provide our international customers with the highest quality product that will ensure the functional running of any sliding mechanism. Our gas spring manufacturers will take all necessary precautions to ensure that all parts of a gas spring have been developed with the utmost care and attention.

As established gas spring manufacturers, the trust that we have in our product is demonstrated in our guaranteed reliability. Our promise that our gas springs will reach a minimum of 500 cycles at 500 degrees Celsius means that not only are our gas springs cost-effective, but also that they have a high safe operating temperature with no cooling medium required.

Nutberry has also developed their expertise in precision roll formed stainless steel bellows and Inconel bellows, manufacturing a wide range for a number of different applications.  Nutberry bellows are single and multiple ply and are supplied to the vacuum, medical, oil, steel and valve industry.

Nutberry has a modern factory comprising of the latest CNC machines. These are used to manufacture end fittings for the bellows as well as gas spring components. Our CNC machines work as a metal fabrication method and relies on written code to control the machinery throughout the manufacturing process. 

During the manufacturing process for our metal bellows, our CNC machines are able to roll metal bellows to the required specifications of each of our international customers. Our CNC machines are also used during the gas spring manufacturing process in order to create a well-structured product that is able to pass vigorous testing practices.


Nutberry Limited is registered to BS EN ISO9001:2015 by the Independent Certification Body, National Inspection Council Quality Assurance Limited (NQA) for the manufacture of high temperature gas springs, precision roll form bellows (single and multiple ply configurations) edge welded bellows, general machining and design work.  This Certification requires the maintenance of approved, documented procedures for each area of its Quality Management System.


Each component is inspected a number of times during its process and every operation is carried out to approved work instructions and in the case of welding, to approved special process instructions.  A copy of Nutberry’s Quality Manual is available to all of its customers and potential customers.  The ultimate proof of quality is in the final product itself, which is designed to meet and more often than not, exceed customers’ quality expectations.